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Who We Are

The Education for Development and Support Network (EDSN) advances life-long, Research-to-Practice engagements, afforded by PlexLearning education, for enterprising neighborhood and village community development.

Today’s socioeconomic ebbs and flows from rapid global changes and quantum leaps in technology leave people struggling to keep up with these tremendous lifestyle changes.   During these times of social dramas and rapid changes, EDSN enables small Shared Interest Community (SIC) groups of people in their continuous and enterprising struggles to become better in life, and in living, with resources accessible from situations where they find themselves.

EDSN enables people by providing trusted spaces with deeply collaborative dialogues, aided by Artificial Intelligence Technologies (AIT), in neighborhoods and in villages.   Our hope is that these trusted spaces will promote long-term peaceful co-existence among people – everywhere.

In these managed spaces designed for PlexLearning education (i.e. creation, transmission, and use of knowledge), humane partnerships, entrepreneurial philanthropy, and local control, allow people at different stages of life, career, and vocation to stay productively engaged in life-long, Research to Practice Partnerships (RPP) with their local communities.   Data from these engagements are being used to further our understandings both of AIT’s long-term benefits, and of necessary collective responsibilities their side-effects bring.