Who We Are

The Education for Development and Support Network (EDSN) is a charitable trust for long-term, community engagement in digital education for development and entrepreneurial philanthropy.

Digital education (i.e. creation, transmission, and use of knowledge) engenders life-long, engagement-artifacts systems for development and functional support.   EDSN manages trusted spaces with digital education and Deeply Collaborative Dialogues (also called, DCDs) for exploring individual freedoms and collective well-being in Community Reinvestment and Improvement (also called, CRI) without sacrificing one for the other.   In these managed spaces, Artificial Intelligent Technologies (also called, AIT) are authorized actors for bringing hopeful ambitions, privileges, entitled conveniences and other development opportunities to small, neighborhood groups as their principals.

Long-term, community-engagement opportunities with EDSN involves purposeful efforts.   These opportunities are not free.   Opportunity cost involve purposeful living with DCD and reflections towards preserving sustaining environments.   In addition, sustainable AIT opportunities requires vigilant maintenance of individual responsibilities and shared obligations.   These purposeful efforts serve as resistance against socioeconomic extremes, and for managing addiction to polarizing behaviors.   Long-term purposeful DCD with EDSN therefore enables small groups to maintain collective defense from predatory agents, systemic chronic-benevolences, inept governance, and self-serving leadership.

Entrepreneurial philanthropy also requires purposeful effort.   The DCD process engenders Entrepreneurial Philanthropy Programs (also called, EPP) in EDSN trusted spaces.   EPPs combine digital education with financial education, personal savings, insurance, proximal benefits, and revolving-loan principles to managing AIT driven community development in ways traditional philanthropy, governments and businesses programs are incapable or unwilling to provide.   In the wake of rapid technological transformations, EPPs are attractive to young or middle-aged persons for jump-starting or restarting their careers.   They are also attractive to senior professionals and retirees in search of ways to remain relevant and valued in their community.

Grants, financial donation, and other assets as gifts to the EDSN Foundation are managed as Entrepreneurial philanthropy loans for CRI.   CRI in local neighborhood are for both physical and knowledge infrastructure development.   Benefits from these assets are passed along in the form of revolving no-interest loans, proximal benefits, and other asset transfers, for digital education and development projects.   Success of EDSN programs are measured in terms of return on CRIs in the form of measurable benefits and privileged conveniences, including but not limited to, access to capital, capacity, asset transfer, and social agency, towards solving problems neighborhood community view as important.

EDSN helps people remain relevant, optimistic, and useful in their community.   Your small group, as a member of EDSN trusted spaces can explore development opportunities in your neighborhood as EDSN independent stakeholders or as interns.   From trusted EDSN spaces, with digital education, your group can develop and provide relevant, local expertise in a profession, discipline, or vocation for solving socioeconomic problems the group view as important. You may already possess the needed competent skills, cellphone, and other intelligent devices to become an independent neighborhood stakeholder for a year or more.   As an EDSN independent stakeholder you can change the world, beginning with small CRIs in your local community.

We Can Help ...

EDSN offers safe, convenient, and trusted spaces for DCD in digital-education for CRI in keeping with the spirit of education philosopher John Dewey (1936).   Digital-education, updating Dewey’s account, is the [creation], transmission, and use of knowledge with AITs as authorized actors -- is not preparation for life, it is life.   Approaching education as life, and life as education, involves empowering and protecting individual freedoms (i.e. open education, access to the commons, and the entrepreneurial spirit), and collective well-being (i.e. sustainable shared environments) -- without sacrificing one for another.   So, go ahead.   Start changing the world, including yourself and your neighborhood community, by contacting EDSN Foundation.
Check here if you would like to know more about our programs listed below, or if you just want to give us your feedback:

(1) Free full feature community calendar services for showcasing local neighborhood events;
(2) Free workflow tracking and project development management services;
(3) Free Neighborhood Community webpage development and governance oversight services;
(4) Neighborhood gateway programs towards higher education, engaged citizenry, and meaningful vocations;
(5) Plexlearning education workshops in useful Computer and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications;
(6) Internships in community engagement education (creation, transmission, and use of knowledge);
(7) Collaborate in Digital Education Research and Development;
(8) Entrepreneurial Philanthropy opportunities in your neighborhood community;
(9) Cultural and environmental awareness, and perseveration programs;

EDSN is a leader in long-term community-engagement with digital education for collaborative dialogues, development, and entrepreneurial philanthropy.

Digital education enables small, enterprising, neighborhood groups to access entitled privileges, conveniences, and other opportunities emerging technologies afford, while managing responsibilities, shared obligations, and other side effects these technologies bring.

Theoretical framework based on elements from David Colander and Roland Kupers' work in Complexity and the Art of Public Policy: Solving Society's Problems from the Bottom Up