Who We Are

EDSN manages safe and inclusive neighborhood community environments that inspire hopeful ambitions.
The EDSN Foundation is an association of open-knowledge nonprofit organizations.   The association provides inter-generational education support programs for urban neighborhood and rural village workforce, economic, and quality of life development.   This association uses PlexLearning technology to help local Shared Interest Community (SIC) groups think for themselves, establish trusted partnerships, and participate in governance that enable them to solve problems in ways they view as important.   These problems involve successful navigation of complex challenges to become better neighbors for peaceful, and sustainable, coexistence based on situations in which SICs find themselves in our global village.

We are your neighborhood PlexLearning partners: a digital communication Research to Practice Partnership (RPP) education framework for the creation, exchange, management, and use of knowledge.   PlexLearning partnerships affirm diversity in ownership, modalities, and maintenance of knowledge.   These partnerships coalesce around continuous learning engagements, applications, and personalized avatars based on artifacts from accumulated experiences and related metadata.

We are enablers of life-long learning experiences for, among other things, entrepreneurship incubation, community engagement RPPs, deeply collaborative quality-of-life problem solving, equitable access to technology, diverse workforce development, and intergenerational learning engagements.

Our PlexLearning programs enable local farm to plate and food security projects.
We are an Education for Development and Support Network (EDSN).   Our local long-term community RPP engagements programs are supported by private, academic, and government sectors. We make privileges technology offers accessible to everyone and help manage risks open technologies bring to neighborhood and rural village communities.   Our PlexLearning partnership programs bridge gaps between formal education, informal learning, meaningful careers, purposeful lives, workforce and quality-of-life development.

We are providers of scaffolding between your personal and neighborhood library for open knowledge propagation.   We enable meaningful and deeply collaborative neighborhood dialogues that coalesce around accumulated PlexLearning artifacts, proximal learning, retention improving, and cost-sharing programs for success across academic, career, and entrepreneurship domains.   Our use of opensource teaching and continuous learning curriculums material enable our programs to be welcoming and accessible.   Our programs integrate participants’ experiences, self-evaluations, motivation, neighborhood journalism, and entrepreneurial ambitions in affirming ways for managing predatory agency, financial entrapment, and chronic hopelessness whether real or imagined.

We are your neighborhood opensource technology assistant centers.   We aim to reduce “the technology gap” by allowing people at different stages of life and career feel welcomed and affirmed to stay relevant, hopeful, and purposefully engaged with their local neighborhood communities.   We provide affordable access to, and assistance with, commercial-level technologies for high-demand skills development.   Our programs coalesce around helping people visualize and showcase personal artifacts that represent their technical competencies and useful entrepreneurship skills for local economic and quality of life development.

We manage PlexLearning technology partnerships that enable economic and quality of life development in local communities.
We are your RPPs in neighborhood community engagement and development.   We provide one-on-one assistant to reduce financial helplessness and social marginalization.   The PlexLearning framework is a hybrid of machine learning and education methodologies that marshal the agency of personal knowledge artifacts and indigenous social networks as authorized actors on behalf of their principals (learners).   PlexLearning component methods, delivery systems, analytics processes and tools are collectively called PlexLearning education.

We are entrepreneurial philanthropists and stewards of indigenous collective knowledge, ways of doing, storytelling, and hopeful ambitions of local communities.   As stewards, we enable RPPs that help SICs in neighborhood and rural village communities thrive as they navigate ebbs and flows from changing social circumstances, new markets, and competing interests.   These partnerships make SIC groups more effective than if they were working separately.   These benefits include effective governance, financial education, intellectual property awareness, business ownership, and collective capacity building in areas of technical training, project management, manufacturing, ITS assistance, marketing, social agency, research, and development.