The EDSN Neighborhood Project

The Problem

As technology continues to transform society there are growing gaps in skills and motivation required to maintain local agile and equitable workforce pipelines for economic and quality of life development.   Local neighborhood communities are where these growing skill gaps are most evident between formal education (creation, conveyance, and use of knowledge), informal learning, entrepreneurship, meaningful careers, and purposeful lives.   However, these communities are also where opportunities for simple and easy to use PlexLearning technology development are most impactful.   PlexLearning involves, among other elements, proximal learning, continuous retooling, predatory defense, affirming social engagement, and responsive micro management tools.

The Solution

The EDSN Neighborhood Project (EDSN-Project) is a PlexLearning framework for nimble micro social workforce retooling and quality of life development.   The EDSN-Project provides an infrastructure that engages neighborhood community groups around showcasing local entrepreneurial, professional, financial, and technological competencies.   This PlexLearning platform provides ongoing incentives for showcasing these micro learning competencies.   It is part of a systemic responsive skills retooling process for maintaining an agile workforce pipeline needed to support rapid economic and quality of life community development.

The EDSN-Project is powered by Carna Resources Group (   The EDSN-Project is a network of motivated “grass-roots” Shared Interest Community (SIC) groups empowered with PlexLearning technology to integrate village calendars, neighborhood journalism, and entrepreneurship incubator services into cost-sharing or self-sustaining local enterprises.

The Business Strategy

The EDSN-Project is a service of The Education for Development and Support Network (EDSN) Foundation ( in partnership with private, academic, and government sectors.   The project provides opportunities for local SICs groups, through community service programs, to create a culture of continuous PlexLearning which involves simple and accessible micro learning, skills retooling, high quality opensource technology, and proximal learning that complements or expands local neighborhood programs.

The EDSN-Project is maintained by participants in EDSN’s local Neighborhood Community Service Programs.   The EDSN-Project provides practical and meaningful opportunities for long-term community engagement.   These include service learning, internships, skills sharing, affirming early-stage entrepreneurship incubator services and professional development.   There are four categories of participants.   Students Interns work experience programs, Neighborhood Fellows bring expertise framed by collective memory and ambitions of sustainable local development, Neighborhood journalists who articulate local experiences, ambitions and report on oversight issues, while Entrepreneurship Evangelists market and showcase the EDSN-Project.

The EDSN-Projects are supported by local cost-sharing arrangements among SIC-groups.   A basic program cost of operation includes staff-intern stipend (minimum 2-hrs per-wk.).   Evangelists get 15% of contributions they generate for local programs, Neighborhood journalists are paid newspaper rate per word for published articles with 20% residual income, and visiting fellows are self-supporting.

For more information contact your local EDSN Foundation member organization or email us at